A bankruptcy provides for instant debt relief and release from credit obligations called a bankruptcy discharge.

As your attorney, I help you qualify, stop lawsuits, keep or let go assets and wipe out debt.

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be appropriate when you’ve lost all control of personal finances due to a change in circumstance such as health issues, loss of employment, or divorce. If you can no longer afford your household’s ordinary expenses and are struggling to maintain important assets the bankruptcy process allows for a fresh start.

Instant Relief:

Discharge Benefits:

Property Damage

Homeowners Insurance Claims

When a tornado, hurricane, fire, earthquake, hailstorm, or any other weather event damages your home, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your insurance company will pay out on your home insurance claims to ensure your home is repaired.

Common problems that occur after a valid claim is submitted are:

Commercial Property Insurance Claims

When business is interrupted due to property damages, you suffer loss of revenue for the time that your business cannot operate, and the extra expenses incurred trying to get your business back in order as soon as possible.

You can lose not only steady income, but also customer loyalty and critical, one-time opportunities. If your commercial property insurance company disputes, delays, or denies your claim, the loss of revenue and extra expenses may be recoverable through a business interruption claim.

An adjuster and other insurance representatives may give any number of reasons for denying or stonewalling your business interruption claim: 

An attorney can help you navigate these roadblocks and let you get back to the part that you are familiar with – running your business. We do not simply take the insurance company’s estimate of your damages. As experts in commercial property damage and business interruption insurance, we utilize quality investigators and insurance coverage experts to find out the value of your business interruption claim.This allows us to build the strongest possible case for you.

VA Benefits

Veterans who are disabled may apply for disability compensation and some receive the compensation they deserve without much trouble. Unfortunately, most veterans encounter resistance when they attempt to make a claim and may be led astray by bad advice. The continually changing paperwork required by VA is confusing and causes many veterans to make unintended mistakes in their application or appeal.


The role of a VA disability lawyer is to bring clarity to the confusing nature of the appeals process.


A careful review of the reasons for denial, the most appropriate method of appeal, and assisting you in developing the necessary medical evidence are all a part of the attorney’s job.

Asset Recovery

Unclaimed Funds

Court Claims

When a big company files for bankruptcy or is sued in class action there are often large sums of money that ultimately goes unclaimed or is otherwise stuck in the court system!

28 U.S.C. §0241 governs the legal procedures for monies paid into the court. 28 U.S.C. § 2042 required that any monies paid into the court may only be withdrawn by court order.

I handle this process regularly and can have your check in as little as 45 days.

Other Common Unclaimed Funds


Common forms of unclaimed property include savings or checking accounts, stocks, uncashed dividends or payroll checks, refunds, traveler’s checks, trust distributions, unredeemed money orders, insurance payments or refunds and life insurance policies, annuities, certificates of deposit, customer overpayments, utility security deposits, mineral royalty payments, contents of safe deposit boxes, court payments, federal court dividends, government stale dated warrants, tax overpayments and class action claims.

Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Insurance is a program that provides cash benefits to people who are restricted in their ability to be employable because of a disability. I work tirelessly to guide my clients through a rugged claims system that presents obstacles that can reduce the likelihood of collecting benefits. Social Security Disability benefits may be available to workers and their children, widows and widowers.
Typically to qualify for benefits you must:
When a claim for social security disability has been denied, the decision can be appealed within 60 days. You can count on my office to be ahead of the complicated appeals process so you get the benefits you deserve.


Don’t let life become unbearable. Let me fight for your rights.